Different between the original quantum analyzer and the copy one

Now on the market ,There are so many fake quantum resonance  magnetic analyzer.
How to distinguish between the original and the fake ?

The simplified form of original one is A, the simplified form of fake one is B.
A: we have CE certification and software copyright certificates as well as the trademark registration certificate.
B: No product relevant certificates.
A:Instrument box materials use high-grade aluminum alloy,panel is made of high-grade Acrylic,the whole surface is smooth,with good quality,can be used about 5-10 years.
B:Instrument box materials use the inferior aluminum alloy,and panel is made of low-grade square timber,the whole surface is rough,with poor quality,not durable.will be damage soon.
A:More clearly regarding the test items: can be test male, female and children(Under the age of 10); Men and women basic test items are 29(new add item–obesity),boz female and male have two differentitems(femal:Gynecology,Breast;male: Male Sexual Function,-Prostate),so the total items is 31,adding one comprehensive report is 32 reports.
B:Most of the reports in the market is 24 items or 34,36,37 etc test reports (so-called more than my company reports),but its increasing report don’t have any parameters explanation,purely to increase the number of reports,not to speak for its accuracy. the test not accurate and unstabitily.the analysis report is big from two time is big difference of the two time test(just in short time,2 or 3 minute later),can’t convincing the people.
Note: More test items ,more good analyzer,this is a wrong way to judgment a best analyzer. pls thinks about it.the software upgrade not just only add the test item so easy,we must consider other element.like the accuracy,compatible system,computer stability,etc….the fake suppliers lie the consumer just add the more test items because the some consumer maybe the first time to use it, not very familiar with it.
A:Increasing the child test items,mainly divided into trace elements,amino acid, vitamin, coenzyme.And the test items have been constantly increasing and improving.
B:No child items above and the obesity.
A:Circuit board uses LED widescreen colorful display lamp,dual-core processor,run faster and more accurate.
B:Both the 3rd generation and the 2nd generation use the old circuit board,no LED light show, using mononuclear processor,run slow and low accuracy
A:Added “contrast analysis” function,the analysis accuracy is higher,the inspection result is more intuitive and more humanized.(easy for customers look this time and last time test results)
B:No contrast analysis function, the report accuracy is poor, Not in responsible for customers’ health.
A:According to the client requirements,software and hardware cane be accept OEM production, OEM production cycle is generally need a month,the details is according to the OEM order quantity of the client.
B:Software and hardware can’t make OEM production,because they just crack our early software version,and nosoftware source code.The second generation and third generation in the market just replaced boot interface diagram,the version number name.Most of the them are installed together with virus,can ‘t be compatible with many kinds of operating systems. Software is not stable,the original instrument won’t appear the questions above.
A:Software can be stable operation in Win2K/XP / 2003 / Vista/Win7 (32bits and 64bits), and other operating system, fully compatible.
B:Software can’t operate normally in Win7 (64 bit operating system), completely not compatible, and may even lead to the operating system blank screen and even paralysis.
A:Software can be permanently free upgraded, you can freely download in our website.
B: Software cannot be upgradedy
A: we have professional after-sales service system,and provide 24-hour service our hot line is 020-22227462, help you solve the problems of analyzer when using.
B: No perfect after-sale service,you can not find the suppliers after purchase the instrument.
Examples 1:
Note:In near years,some suppliers claim they are the original manufacturers produce the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer to lie the client ,but they sale the fake one.
When the client enquiry the quantum analyzer, some fake suppliers claim they are manufactruers ,
offer the original one,but in fact, this is a trap, when the client believe it,
after place order received the parce, then find that they got the Chinese version machine,not original one, not manual ,not warranty card,not after sale service,they don’t know how t ues it ,so must go online find the original suppliers (our company) enquiry the manual and how to operation it.also some time the fake products appear many problem can’t be solve it.
Examples 2:
After some client purchase the fake products,when they happy start
to install the software ,insert the usb key into pc, open the software,the problem
have appear, “Can not find your Encryption Lock,please insert into” why happen this ?can’t working normal ?
Yes, boz the fake products software are unstable,some time can’t be compatible your computer
operating system. So you need to to find a good quality and best original software .
Hope every interested quantum analyzer buyer must make the correct choose.

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