Use a skin analyzer to put your own products

Function Summary of  skin analyzer .

1. Appearance novel design.

2. Coaxial cold light dynasty, imports around the lens combination lens coating products; connecting with the computer can adjust the image clarity.

3.This product contains freeze function allows you to quickly clear the screen on the detection and analysis of skin texture shades of skin roughness, pores size; simultaneously contrast

4. 2 million pixel sensor, like a clear, vivid colors.

5. Standard with: polarizing lens analysis software.

6.Dedicated DSP image processing chips, electronic anti-shake system

7. Freeze function, selectable video output screen size of 640 x 480 pixels

8.Automatic digital printable digital newspaper

9.Skin analyzer housing

10 operation is simple and fast.

If you are a cosmetics chain, you just all input in a computer inside, and then back up data directly after the backup to restore data to any other set of software, no need to re-enter each computerthe integrity of the merchant’s product, this will be done, saving even more workload��


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