Fuction of new products Head massager YK16

The head is one of the important parts of the body.
Chinese medicine believes that, as a shrewd head of the House,
nothing scratched his head, with normal hearing,
and head out the effectiveness, but also relieve symptoms such as headache, insomnia.
A lot of points on the scalp, like on Star Baihui brain households,
the former top, jade pillow, acupuncture these points, able to fight disease. Massage these points, although unlike acupuncture as strong, but the larger massage, gentle movements, the same through the meridians, played the prevention and treatment of neurasthenia, headache, insomnia, senile dementia, forgetful,
so nothing is often scratched his head especially knowledge workers.
With the head massage you can keep your mind clear and have a health brain.


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