New product Water Ionizer YK13

The benefits of Water Ionizer:

1.Regulating function:Due to a weak alkaline, can remove the acidic metabolites in the human body and functions of adjusting human body’s ph value, improve the acidic constitution, maintain acid-base balance in the body.

2.Penetration function: through electrolysis, the ordinary fifteen molecular group of ordinary water into the five to six small molecular group water molecular group. Water and amniotic fluid of pregnant maternal health, snow snow water, fresh water is a kind of full of energy, permeability is strong, can quickly will the metabolic waste out of the body, keep body clean and clear
3.Immune function: contain – 150 mv – 500 mv of negative potential, has the reducibility, can eliminate 70% of free radicals in the blood, prevention of diseases caused by excessive superoxide free radicals and aging, improve the physical health.

4.Nutrition function: weak alkaline water is not only clean, but rich in nutrition. Water is good for the body of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and other useful elements in both rose more than 30%, and it is these elements ion, easier for the body to absorb.

5.Promote function: weak alkaline water solubility, high decomposition, can promote the secretion of insulin and cholesterol lowering blood sugar and lipid levels.

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