TCM and the Chinese Merdian Health analyzer

Traditioanl Chinese Medicine is a subject to study human physiology, pathology, and disease diagnosis and prevention.

Meridian conditioning therapy therapy different from the ordinary: the first, from the way ordinary footbath,

massage therapy can only to Bag, pulse, meat, meridian therapy can be based on in-depth arrive tendons, bone layer;second,

from the effect of regular massage can only reach a relaxing effect,

meridian therapy can reach medical effect, cure all kinds of disease prevention.

Chinese Merdian Health Analyzer is the machine which is depends on the Traditional chinese medicine to search the sub health of human body.

It can get your sub health with body’s 12 meridians and 24 points. No heart and no pain.

It has also differnt language version. and the accuracy of the test results is about 90% – 95% .

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