Detox foot spa, a useful health machine

The detox foot spa is developed on the basis of physics, physiology, electrochemistry, dialysis, iontophoresis and toxicology.

It can activate the cells, improve the activity of the cells, repair the cells by using feet channel therapy, the cell therapy and targeted natural detoxification therapy.

The whole detoxification is safe, cosy, fast, effective  and it can be seen, tested and smelled.


The health and life of the people lie on the volume of electricity in body.

If a healthy person, he or she should be taken with 80% negative electricity (usually said negativeions)

and 20% positive electricity (usually said positive ions).

But the human body is like a giant magnet that attracts and holds onto toxins.

We also have Quantum analyzer which search hunman sub health. and also the Chinese meridian analyzer


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Detox foot spa, a useful health machine



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