Quantum analyzer in Malaysian language version

 The human body is a collection of a large number of cells, cells in continuous growth, development, differentiation, regeneration, apoptosis, cell through its own split,   continuous self-renewal.

The adult per second about 25 million cell during division is continually updated, the body’s blood cells per minute rate of about 100 million,

constitute the basic unit of the cell nuclei of atoms in the process of cell division, growth,

and among the extranuclear charged body also wasted no time in high-speed movement and change, will continue to launch out electromagnetic waves.

With the quantum analyzer you can easy know your magnetic filed. and also the sub health.

It has many different language version just like Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer in Malaysian language version.

You can fix the quantuam analyzer expert advice to your own health medicine.

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Quantum analyzer in Malaysian language version

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