What is the different between the 4 models quantum analyzer

The Quantum Resonance magnetic analyzer is based on the profound traditional Chinese medicine theory.

The points of human organs in the body reflex zones and wrist pulse signal and blood signal is converted into the corresponding bioelectric data,

And data to be compared with the normal computer massive database, and then determine the body of the person under test is normal or not.

The detection process is not sampling, non-invasive, easy to learn, accurate and reliable detection.

Detection system can be measured by the files and test data automatically saved to your computer, can also be printed, to facilitate the periodic review, tracking treatment.

There are four models of quantum analyzer on sale on our website, they are in the same fuction just in a different size.

You can just choose them depends on the big size or the small size you like. all the fuction and software are same.

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What is the different between the 4 models quantum analyzer



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