Meridian energy pen efficacy

Meridian Energy Pen is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern organs and meridian is a combination of bio-engineering technology.

Meridian Energy Pen Main technical parameters:


1) Power: 3V lithium battery.
2) CR2 charger input: 110v-240v; 50/60Hz.
    Output: 3.7v; 300mA ± 50mA.
    Charging time (h) = Battery capacity (mA) × 1.2 ÷ charge current (mA).
3) Pulse frequency :1-300Hz.
4) Pulse width: 100μS-320μS.
5) The peak open circuit output voltage electronic pulse :0-360V.


The pen can also make you forever young and healthy if you keep using it. (beter with professional cosmetics)

If not, you can use normal saline or distilled water instead.

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Meridian energy pen efficacy

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