What is the principle of a Detox

The basic unit of human cells by a single composition, composed of cells from the cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus.

The cell membrane is the the intracellular substance free exchange channel.

It guarantees the stability of the intracellular environment, when the cell membrane potential of -70 to-90mV,

the cells can be good material exchange and intracellular toxins completely discharged.

But with the decline of the human body functions, the massive accumulation of toxins from the body, cell damage,

cell membrane potential changes in membrane permeability decreased detoxification ability of the cells to reduce toxins can not be discharged from the cell.

The accumulation of toxins in the cells cause the good increased incidence of human disease, decreased body resistance, premature aging, sub-health symptoms.

Detox foot spa can have a negative potential field, through the body’s own ability to conduct electricity, foot Detox spa negative potential ionized water contact

The human body is also showing the same equipotential field-ionized water to effectively stimulate the sodium-potassium pump on the cell membrane transporter enhancements.

Detoxification function to maintain normal cell membrane potential, restore vitality, enhance the cell membrane

The intracellular toxin at a negative potential field, into the water through the pores of the soles of the feet of more than 20,000, and various ion reaction with water – “detoxification visible discoloration”

Its effect can be obtained before and after detoxification blood tests, urine tests and other conventional detection method comparison judgment – the effect measured.

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What is the principle of a Detox

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