Why we have to Detox? It is good for health?

Now let me tell you why we have to use a Ion detox foot spa to Detox.

In recent decades, as technology continues to progress. On the prevalence and causes of aging, there have been various doctrines.

Russian biologist and physiologist won the Nobel Prize in Medicine Mechnikov human chronic poisoning theory that: Lag toxins inside the body, can cause chronic poisoning of the body,

This factor is the primary factor in humans suffering from various diseases and premature aging.

Some foreign health experts and scholars have asserted: anyone, if he can not maintain a healthy diet guidelines and lifestyle, and not always regularly clean their body, inside his body there must be a lot of toxins to at least 5kilograms!

Can say that in real life, everyone’s body has toxins, depending on the physical condition and age, 3 kg to 25 kg adult body toxins, distributed in all the body, including blood, lymphatic, skin and up to eachcells.

Russia and Ukraine famous body detoxification experts, based on the the body detoxification practice for many years a large number of diseases, the following conclusions:

Sick people repeatedly comprehensive detoxification, can be drawn from the following data: cleared from the gut many years of accumulation of stale feces 1 kg (excluding normal stool);

cleared from the liver, gallbladder and bile duct, bile, bilirubinstones and other stones, the formation of cholesterol emboli and filamentous flakes 0.5 kg to clear various inorganic salts up to 0.3 kg;

from the joints; clear a number of the body’s various other pollutants (through drinking water,food and inhalation of chlorine, nitrate, etc.) 1.2 kg and so on.

In short, by a variety of clean, different people can clear 3 kg to 5 kg toxins at the same time a person’s weight has correspondingly decreased by 3 kg to 5 kg. Maintain good health is to the body detoxification, and everyone needs to detox!

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Why we have to Detox? It is good for health?




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