lastest version for QRMA with 39 reports

The quantum resonance magnetic analyzer has upgrade the software with  39 reports.

Here is the reports list for the lastest quantum analyzer software:

1.-Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular    2.-Gastrointestinal Function    3.-Liver Function    4.-Gallbladder Function     5.-Pancreatic Function

6.-Kidney Function  7.-Lung Function    8.-Brain Nerve    9.-Bone Disease            10.-Bone Mineral Density

11.-Rheumatoid Bone Disease     12.-Blood Sugar   13.-Basic Physical Quality    14.-Human Toxin    15.-Trace Element

16.-Prostate    17.-Male Sexual Function     18.-Gynecology     19.-Skin     20.-Endocrine System

21.-Immune System    22.-Breast     23.-Vitamin    24.-Amino Acid      25.-Bone Growth Index

26.-Eye     27.-Heavy Metal         28.-Allergy    29.-Coenzyme       30.-Element of Human

31.-Obesity         32.-Collagen           33-Large Intestine Functio              34.-Channels and collaterals          35.- Pulse of heart and brain

36.- Blood lipids       37.- Menstrual cycle        38.- Sperm and semen              39.-Comprehensive report


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lastest version for QRMA with 39 reports

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