Put Salt or not when you using the Detox foot massager

Detox foot spa does not belong to the medical equipment but the health care equipment.

The combination of the water, metal and salt will product different colors and some substances even if not bath the feet in water.

When we using the Detox foot spa we can put some salt into the water.

Salt increases the conductivity of the water, regulate body BIO strength, to achieve the best detoxification effect.

You can also enhance the ion concentration in water to accelerate the running speed of the electromagnetic field in the plasma,and can play some anti-inflammatory effect.

Common salt, such as salt, containing other substances or impurities in the ion generator occurs under the action of water on some color change, and also reduced detoxification, preferably salt or coarse salt.

In particular, the soft water where salt is particularly important where water hardness kept to the minimum.

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