Head massager can effectively relieve pressure on the brain

The busy life of brain pressure doubled, head massager can effectively relieve pressure on the brain, through massage to the brain to recuperate.

 Head massager soothing relaxation mode by compaction, persistent pressure massage to help relieve stress and tension brain quickly sense.

It massages the cerebral cortex, cell energy, and brain nerves, the brain has a maintenance effect on dizziness, headache, neuralgia, relieve insomnia has a certain effect.

Helmet design, easy to use, simple operation, and that they can massage.

Intelligent pressure, multi-faceted head rubbing pressure points, so you heart and mind.

Vibration design, round head massage, with pressure massage, the better.

Music functions, built-in four kinds of music (waves, insects, water, birds), relax

Warm function, and promote head blood circulation, accelerate cell regeneration, relieve fatigue and pain.

Timing options include 10, 15 minutes, 3 times as you want.

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Head massager can effectively relieve pressure on the brain

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