Introduction for the Ion Foot Detox YK21

The human body is constituted by the cells. And the cell is made up of cell membranes, cytoplasm and nucleolus.





Thanks to the conductive ability of the human body, the body can have the same equipotential field 

as the ion water after the feet are put in the ion water with negative ion. 


Introduction for the Detox foot Spa YK21.


Machine size :41x32x11CM  Box size:43x37x16CM      GW:7 KG,NW:4KG          Dual screen

1. daul system working, two people enjoy it at the same time.                                                                                     

2. with the detox function

3. with the bamboo charcoal far infrared waistband

4. big LCD disp.

5. two different size wristband suitable for different people use.

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The detox foot spa can generate the negative electricity potential field. 

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