How to determine the body of toxic?

What are symptoms of the body if there have enterotoxin, table poisoning, blood poisoning?

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Enterotoxin from constipation begins. Colon intestinal absorption of toxins are accumulated, there will be constipation, bloating, bad breath, stain, insomnia, mental sickness and other symptoms.
Table poison began in pores does not flow, opening and closing excesses, so it is susceptible to cold, easy to dye disorders, decreased immunity, skin surface precipitation dirt, dark spots.
Blood poisoning the blood runs sluggish, not temperature dependent limbs. Blood glucose, blood lipids and cholesterol deposition in the vessel wall, forming atherosclerosis, unstable blood pressure, etc.; blood acidic substances pain caused by excessive, leading to aches and pains, rheumatism, etc. With these symptoms is equivalent to declare: excessive accumulation of body poison, disease has begun.
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 How to determine the body of toxic?

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