Chinese Meridian health analyzer and TCM

Chinese meridian health analyzer which involve into medical science ,bioinformatics, electronics,ect subjects bring a high technology new ideas.
It rational based on meridian doctrine of TCM, exporting bioelectric current of channel and point by inductor applying for advanced elecctronic equipment, importing computor , contrasting with center database , aggregating analysis retrace data information , evaluating and analytical judging health statue and key issue , and then proposing standard preventive suggestion.
“computer diagnoses health instrument “ is a omnibearing healthy consultant and individualization guide of advancing front health department , there are a lot of charateristic and preponderance ,i.e. overall, atraumatic, practical, convenient, fast, economical, easy popular,ect..
It will make more contribution for human being healthy with scientific research profound and development, have extensive development and application perspective. 
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Chinese Meridian health analyzer and TCM

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