Ion detox foot spa YK12 introduction

Ion detox foot spa is the best machine for humen detox as there are so many points on human foot.

There are few different models for detox foot spa now let introduce the YK12 detox foot spa for you.

1.Large dual LCD display (9cm x 4.5cm). It is unparalleled in global market.

2. Show current curved line on the screen.

3.Solid carrying case (Aluminum + black leather). Stronger and Luxurious.

4. Steel house of main machine. Beautiful looking. (Two Choices: Silver and black)

5. 2008 latest technology in FIR belt. More effective and powerful.  More energy —–can go up to 90oC within 5 minutes, and give out more rays than normal belt; more safe —–100% covered with silver insulation material; belt is longer than others—– suitable for big persons                                                                                         

6.Unlimited Voltage: 110V—240V. Our machine can be used in any country. Transformer is in side and voltage is automatic switched. (Other machines need a switch for 110V or 220V).

7.10 coils inside array (black and white)—-last much more times. Many companies sell 6 coils array.

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Ion detox foot spa YK12 introduction

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