Teaching Vedio for the 3D NLS health analyzer


3D NLS health analyzer very professional machine to test human full body health.

With this machine, you can detect the whole body 12 major system, 256 of inner organs, glands, cells and so on.

Also can predict report of 4352 kinds diseases, ensuring detection accuracy of whole body 120000 collecting points .

Users themselves have seen their organs in the past, present, and future and 3-5 years of health status and trend of cells vigor .

Here is the vedio for the 3D NLS health analyzer machine. any questions contact us at yikang.amy@gmail.com

3D short trainning Video1:   http://youtu.be/hMbruevdnvw

3D operate Video2:    http://youtu.be/4p0ebwLCkl0


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